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Doug Bouey is a coaching and facilitation veteran, recognized as such on a world basis by Vistage/ TEC.

In corporate planning and development, Doug has demonstrated the ability to draw the best out of planning teams to create intelligent, durable, long term plans that can and will be implemented.  His ability to bring Executive Teams into solidarity to implement those plans has been repeated across many different business arenas.  He has seen the rise of several client companies to significant scale and accomplishment – consulting engagements that have continued over the life of the enterprise.

In the balance of his practice, he spends much of his time mentoring presidents of companies.  He works with 30 Presidents – seeing them regularly to guide their development and leadership.  There are many remarkable success stories among his “flock”.

Doug has extended his reach to larger scale organizations.  Building on success, his focus is now on executive development, high impact value creation through communication, culture, and strategic thinking.  His personal depth enhances his offering.

Calgary based, Doug’s previous life was in a successful big firm law practice.  He taught Negotiation and Counselling to the second year U of C Law Class for many years and was Lawyer in Residence.  Holder on an M A in Organizational Development from the Fielding Institute, he regards his work as creating a base for sophisticated and satisfying accomplishment based on sound and mutually beneficial relationships.  Doug’s father is a retired Edmonton architect.  “I saw the effects of too much gratuitous hassle.   Now I can do something about it.”


  • M A in Organizational Development: Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara
  • Don Cope Award:  The highest award that can be conferred upon TEC/Vistage Chairs.  There are over 600 Chairs – professional coaches and facilitators of the over 18,000 Presidential members worldwide – and this award has been conferred on 22 of them.  Doug is only the second non- American to be so honoured.
  • Certified:  Implementation Management Associates, Brighton, CO
  • Master Coach: Hudson Institute, Santa Barbara
  • Completion of Studies in several schools of Psychotherapy
  • Former Life:  BA, LL.B. Alberta Bar

Doug is now a published author of “Visits with Rufus: Goodstriker in his own voice” and is a painter.

Doug and Elaine have two launched children (both in Engineering).

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Doug Bouey, President
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