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How does your business need to grow?

Strategic Accelerator


Does your company have big aspirations? Are your resources focused on achieving the growth plan or buried in the day to day grind?
How would your confidence change if you knew those growth plans were being reliably identified and executed?

Most rising midmarket companies are going flat out:

  • to respond to opportunities
  • to grow forward

There comes a time when the demands of day to day business threaten to defeat your forward progress.

Growth requires

  • driving forward
  • executing strategic projects that build the future company
  • connecting your people to the growth agenda



What can you expect?

Our work is to help Presidents accomplish deeply satisfying results – not just superficial blips but real and deep movement toward their long held goals.

The Strategic Accelerator brings a new discipline to growing companies. The senior team is led in:

  • identifying the high leverage strategic projects that lay the foundation of future success
  • leaning on our implementation expertise to plan how those will really hit the road and
  • following up rigorously quarter by quarter to get those executed so the company can build upon them.

We will create the unique path out of the status quo and on to the next level of performance.



A midmarket contract placement firm with big ambitions puts the Strategic Accelerator to work.

Intense meetings every quarter produce acute strategic focus. The senior team identifies the high impact projects that will be foundational to achieving the strategy to go national and head for the public markets.

The company builds implementation competence. They can’t believe – quarter by quarter – the number of significant projects that actually complete and become the new basis for the reach of the company.

This is achieved without trading off growth – double digit for many consecutive years and rising EBITDA.

Now they are where they want to be – on the brink of public entry with complete confidence they can make the most of their adventure in that world.

Reference: available on request



Derek Bullen
President, S.i. Systems Ltd.

“When I started working with Doug, my small company was very stressful, chaotic, unprofitable and we just finished our third year in business at $1.2M in revenue. That was 13 years ago, and this year we are very organized, very profitable, and best of all revenues are $123M. I take 60 days off a year to enjoy the wealth I have created for myself. I have gone through several developmental phases as a President, and Doug has been an unconditional sponsor and catalyst in my growth throughout this period of time. I think I can grow this company to $500M in revenue in the next five years and I know that the coaching I need is already available to me and my team.

“With double digit growth as the norm now at S.i. systems we encounter and resolve new challenges faster than the average Canadian company. As we broke through $100M, our Senior Executive Team, including me, stopped gaining ground and hit an internal ceiling on growth. Because of our dramatic growth we were working too much in the business and not on the business. Doug’s knowledge and experience with companies hitting this hurdle urged us to install and operate an Implementation Pipeline. Now our attention is riveted on implementing strategic projects that move the company forward. In one quarter, we knocked off 26 of them! We have great traction once more. The continuing growth of S. I. towards $500M is due to this discipline coming to bear.

“This would be the latest in organic growth break throughs I have received from Doug in my journey to grow S.i. Systems Ltd. over the past 13 years.
Regardless of what you have heard, it is much more fun to run a large company than a small one, the financial and lifestyle rewards, when you do it right, are outstanding. I am so glad to be where I am today, and I would not be here without the coaching and mentorship I received from Doug.”

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