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Coaching and Mentoring

Guidance:  “It’s your journey:  I’m here to ensure you arrive.”

My work is helping people of fine character extend their impact.  I’ve been rewarded to see the benefit to our communities:  I’ve guided leaders who’ve cemented platforms of prosperity, then turned their talents to benefiting others.

What resources in me have they profited from?

Breadth:  in group work or individual counsel, candidates meet someone who has an extraordinary range of tools and approaches to the challenges of leading business.  From strategic concepts to Fortune 500 implementation to high impact communication, the ongoing stream of conceptual equipment brought through exposure of my 26 years in TEC, graduate education and other learning have been made usable for those I work with.

Depth:  a mentor should be ready for anything.  James Baldwin said, “You can allow in others what you can allow in yourself.”  I believe the whole person shows up at the office.  Confronting long held limiting styles and beliefs?  OK.  Wresting a win from a turning point in the organization?  Let’s go.  Candidates deserve more than a one note mentor.  They need more dimension than they could ever require backing them up.

Scope:  From mid-market entrepreneurial business to large scale organization.  From manufacturing to mega-projects.  From Calgary to Cairo to Colombia.  From the professions to down and dirty construction.  From supervisors to CEOs of multi-billion enterprise.  I’ve been there.  And look forward to more!

Penetration:  Guidance is to achieve real outcomes, real change.  We’ve got to get to the heart of it and bring tangible shifts to realize a more deeply satisfying outcome.  Not idle “advice” but real purchase on the challenge leading to a stronger result.

Above all, our work is enabling and encouraging to the candidate or group. My aim is to see their success in country that is new to them.  Rising with confidence and assurance to meet challenge full on.

What’s Our Business?

Bringing out the best in you, your company and your people.

Doug Bouey, President
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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