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The French Quarter

4455b03e-e37b-4132-a41d-3772b56bd22eMakes u want to spend a couple of hours though you went for fifteen minutes. Gives you a panoply of people though you were ready for – a few. Gets into a dancing mood even if you never are.

Start to give in when you don’t mean to. Feel safe, like having fun. There’s no edge – even though the the batgirl cautions not to try it outside the Quarter.

Want to have a bourbon even if – or maybe because – the Dr. advises against it. Have another cause the girls are groovin and it just feels right. I’m not that hungry but I’ve just got to taste those chipotle oysters. Even taste the bread tho that’s forbidden.

That generous black girl – what’s she doing? That guy’s got his jowls right down in her cleavage and she’s giving him a good grind. That tube being honked on / is that dope?

Inclusion. So many types. Plump. Older? Lined? All welcome. All in the mix. Not perfect? That’s Ok!

Dangerous action – but not really. There’s no edge to it – no nasty undercurrent. Just a taste of sin…

But some are really going over the falls. Consequences? That’s tomorrow – not right now. Right now that band is too good and the crowd’s into it.

So – laissez le Bon temps roulez!

Doug Bouey
Catalyst Strategic Consultants Ltd.

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